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Okay, fine. I got an email list.

If you sign up, you get Words & Sentences for Free Digitally. I’ll send it as soon as I figure out to do that. But you will get it. I promise cross my heart and hope to stay alive at least til the Hunger Games movie comes out.

You’ll also get updates and free crap and fun stuff and not fun stuff occasionally (promise no more than once a week, likely not more than once a month).

You may be asking yourself a few more questions.

You may even be asking them in italics.

Well, then you might enjoy the following converation.

Shutup, What’s this thing for?

I’m not positive what it’ll be for, except to give people free crap I do, know who I should direct my love to, and ask for help/opinions on certain stuff.

What’s in it for me?

Well, you get free crap occasionally. I think I just said that.

Yeah, you did.

I know.


Cool Cool.

How do I sign up?

The link below this sentence.
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Note: No actual political Revolution will take place. Possibly a regular Volution, but if we mess up, we might reVolution.

What did you click on to bring yourself here today?